Many financial institutions experience a lower-than-expected conversion rate with their current Online Loan Origination software. This is often attributed to low consumer confidence and general process abandonment. FollowThru tackles these causes head-on with:

  • Real-time Notifications
    How would you like to know the moment a loan applicant walks away from their application? FollowThru can send you an e-mail or text message as soon as it detects an applicant has abandoned the process.

  • Abandonment Recovery for Loans
    Second chances may be rare in life, but are not uncommon with FollowThru. Depending on where a loan applicant abandons, use the FollowThru dashboard to follow up and continue the process.

  • Loan Process Visibility
    Sometimes your online loan application can feel like a black box. 100 applicants go in, only 30 come out. What happened to the other 70? With FollowThru, you can gain insights about every applicant.

  • Automatic Monitoring
    Your time is important. There are no reports to run or spreadsheets to build. FollowThru automatically monitors the loan application process and provides a color-coded dashboard to track each applicant’s progress.

  • Realtime Field Tracking
    It is not uncommon for a loan applicant to fill in half a form before giving up. With FollowThru’s field tracker, you can know what an applicant entered, even if they don’t continue to the next step.

Getting Started

Our goal is to keep things easy for you. With our full-service installation services, most organizations are up-and-running with the FollowThru software within 3 weeks of sign-up. 

We would love to answer any questions you might have about how FollowThru works, and how it can help your organization, please contact us by clicking here.

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