Our Products

WEtap's technology team has been developing and delivering software products for nearly two decades. This background leads us to look at problems just a little differently. We have developed a wide array of development tools, frameworks and web-site products. These include:

  • FollowThru
    This is a powerful tool for the financial services industry. Increase consumer confidence and convert more loan applications with FollowThru's secure tracking and abandonment recovery.

  • TopLayer
    Have you had your vendors tell you that you can "completely customize" their application, only to find that it falls short of your expectations? Not anymore with TopLayer it is the great equalizer product for Credit Unions!

  • CloudSite for Sitecore
    This site is powered by CloudSite for Sitecore. CloudSite enables Sitecore authoring environments to publish directly to Amazon S3.

  • eCM4 (Express Code Maker version 4)
    This powerful developer tool generates C#.Net codes as well as SQL tables and stored procedures from XML. Using eCM4, development teams can spend more time building custom logic, and less time wiring it up.

  • WEcast
    This is our live video streaming platform. WEcast provides tools for live streamers to capture, encode and broadcast to thousands of simultaneous visitors.

  • WEchat
    This is our HTML5/.NET chat platform. WEchat supports a broad range of browsers from IE 7+, FireFox, Chrome and Safari. WEchat has a plugin architecture that allows for integration with your existing membership database.

  • MultiPlay.NET
    A .NET based multi-player gaming platform. Using MultiPlay.NET, it is possible to develop both turn-based and real-time online games. MultiPlay.NET is suitable for games with up to 1024 simultaneous players per node. 

Ongoing Projects

  • Sitecore: Online Sports Information Site
  • Sitecore: Console/Video Game News Site
  • Custom .Net: Financial Industry
  • Shared Review Framework
  • Custom Workflow Framework

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