Express Code Maker, Version 4

eCM4 provides a simple mechanism for creating C# source code and MSSQL databases from a simple XML format. eCM builds everything:


  • SQL Azure support!
  • Tables
  • 1-to-Many Relationships
  • Many-to-Many Relationships
  • Relationships
  • Constraints
  • Indexes
  • Stored procedures: Create, Read, Update, Delete, Lookup, Custom Query


  • Strongly typed entities - makes data binding very easy.
  • Robust data caching - reduces application/database load time by as much as 99%!
  • Visual Studio integration - makes getting started quick and easy!
  • Relational mappings - provides a mechanism for navigating the database through each entity's relationships.
  • Dirty updates - allows for updating multiple related entities with a single call to ".Update()".
  • Full inheritance - allows for creation of entities that inherit from other entities.


In addition to code generation, eCM has the following very powerful utilities:

  • Diff - Upgrades your database and C# code. This means that when you add or remove new entities and fields, eCM will create a custom SQL script capable of upgrading your database from the old version to the new.
  • Fill - Populates your database with data. This utility is great for loading a test database with testing scenarios, or pre-populating a new database prior to rollout.

The initial version of Express Code Maker was released for commercial use in 2005. It has gone through several revisions and continues to have new features added on an annual basis. 

To inquire about eCM4, please contact us.

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