CloudSite for Sitecore

CloudSite for Sitecore extends the reach of your Sitecore implementation into the cloud. With CloudSite for Sitecore, you can publish everything from small micro-sites to full fledged websites to Amazon's highly scalable S3 (Simple Storage Service) environment. Here are some of the benefits of CloudSite for Sitecore:

  • Easy to Implement
    CloudSite for Sitecore can be installed and configured in minutes. There are some special considerations related to S3; but you can generally be up and running in under a half hour.

  • Support for Many Sites
    If your organization develops multiple micro-sites throughout the year, you can publish them to Amazon S3.

  • Insane Scalability
    You will agree that it is insane how your sites scale with CloudSite for Sitecore. Amazon's Web Services (AWS) are designed for massive scalability and availability. By combining Sitecore with Amazon's S3 service, your site scales automatically, instantly and... insanely!

  • Reduced Hosting Costs:
    By leveraging Amazon S3 as your Content Delivery Environment, your hosting costs can be greatly reduced. We are talking pennies on the dollar when compared with traditional hosting!

Check back soon for new pricing options and a video tutorial.

Getting CloudSite for Sitecore
If you are interested in learning more about CloudSite for Sitecore, please contact us.

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