Business Intelligence

BI is the science of collecting and examining massive amounts of data to better understand the drivers of your organization. WEtap Media delivers business intelligence solutions based on the Microsoft BI Stack:

  • SQL Server
    The relational backbone to any BI solution. If you data is not stored in SQL Server, it is likely to be staged there; at least temporarily.
  • SQL Server - Integration services
    Data often needs to be massaged to get it into a form suitable for reporting and analysis. SSIS is a powerful tool used to create and execute self-contained extract, transform and load packages.
  • SQL Server - Analysis Services
    Analysis Services represents Microsoft’s OLAP solution. Data stored in an OLAP cube can be quickly sliced on any dimension, or combination of dimensions, to arrive at meaningful insights.
  • SharePoint
    The best insights have no value if they are never read. By delivering BI dashboards in SharePoint, your organization’s key performance drivers can be disseminated to the proper audiences in meaningful ways.
  • PowerPivot
    This tool from Microsoft allows your business users to interact with massive amounts of analytical data using familiar tools like Excel.

Getting Started
If you would like to discuss your organization’s Business Intelligence needs, please contact us.

Portfolio Examples:

Nike - Global Business Information Technology.
Evergreen Aviation - Postal Scan Tracking.
Tektronix - About My Resource, Resource/Capacity planning tool.


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